Video and speeches from the 2012 conference

Also in... (Français)


Opening speech of Mr Jacques Salvator, Mayor of Aubervilliers (France)

Opening speech of Mr Guilherme Pinto, President of Efus and Mayor of Matosinhos (Portugal) (in French only) Download

Speech of Mr John Warmisham, Vice President of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities. Download

Speech of Mr François Lamy, Minister of Urban Affairs, France (in French onlyDownload

Video of Mr Marcelo EBRARD CASAUBON,
former Mayor of Mexico City
and Chairman of UN Habitat’s Global Network of Safer Cities.

Video of Ms. Mercredes Bresso ,
Vice President of the Committee of the Regions

Speech of Mr Michel Marcus, Executive Director of the Forum français pour la sécurité urbaine (in French onlyDownload

Others speeches coming soon…