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Population: 144 751 (2009)

Location: France, Rh么ne (69), Rh么ne-Alpes

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The city and Efus

Member since 2000

Participated in

  • International Conference “Security, Democracy and Cities”, Saragossa, Spain, 4-6 November


  • International Conference, Paris, France, 18-20 November 1991

DidierVullierme-Villeurbanne [800x600]


鈥淏eing part of the network needs to provide us with a place for exchanging good practices and ideas with other collectivities and experts in the field of prevention and security. The Forum can support us in the integration of regular changes in laws. It is necessary to pool preoccupations which go beyond political boundaries, and which ensure that collectively we are able to provide solutions from a local perspective on national and European policy.鈥.

Didier Vullierme, Deputy mayor of Villeurbanne, Chief safety and prevention officer , displacements and urban services officer

The City and the FFUS

Member of the Executive Committee since : 2001

Participated in

  • Attended the FFSU Executive Committee meeting 27 June 2007, 19 September 2007 and 19 December 2007