1. General Information :

Lisbon is the capital and largest city of Portugal. The city, besides being the capital, is also the district capital of Lisbon. Lisbon has 564 657 inhabitants and a metropolitan area environment which occupies about 2 870 km ², with about 2.8 million inhabitants. The city and its metropolitan area focus 27% of the population. It is bordered at north by the municipalities of Odivelas and Loures Oeiras at west, with Amadora at northwest and with Tejo estuary at southeast .
Two European agencies have their headquarters in Lisbon:  European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drugs Addiction and European Maritime Safety Agency.

Population: 547 733 (2011)

Location: Portugal

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Twinned with: Zagreb (Croatia), Madrid (Spain), Rio de Janeiro (Brasil), Maputo (Mozambique), Praia (Capo Verde), São Tomé (São Tomé e Príncipe), Bissau (Guinea), Macau (China), Malaca (Malásia), Rabat (Marroco), Luanda (Angola), Brasília (Brasil), Cachéu (Guiné), Budapest (Hungary), São Salvador (Brasil)

2. The City in our Network :

The City and Efus:

Founding Member since : 1998
Member of the Executive Committee  since : 2010




The City and the National Forum (FOPPSU)

President of the Portuguese Forum (FOPPSU) since January 2013.


  • General Assembly, Lisbon, January 2013
  • General Assembly, São João da Madeira, Portugal, June 2010

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