1. General Information :

Population: 190 000 inhabitants

Location: Belgium

Official website: [link url=””][/link]

Website of the crime prevention service:
[link url=””][/link]

Safety contract: signed in 1992

Twinned with: Nancy (France) , Maastricht (Netherlands), Aix-la-Chapelle (Germany), Rotterdam (Netherlands) , Turin (Italy), Cologne (Germany) , Esch-sur-Alzette (Luxembourg) , Volgograd (Russia) , Lubumbashi (R.D.Congo) , Plzeň (Czech Republic) , Porto (Portugal) , Krakow (Poland), Saint-Louis (Sénégal), Tanger (Morocco), Lille (France).

2. The city in our network :

The city and Efus:

Member since : 1995

Member of the Executive Committee : since 2008

Participated in:

  • Partner of the [link url=”31294″]Goal Project[/link] – Gathering of All Local Actors to prevent violence during sporting events, 2009-2012
  • Partner of the Secucites project [link url=”1797″]Citizens, Cities and CCTV[/link], 2009-2010
  • Presentation at [link url=”30325#11307″]the debate on collective violence[/link], Toulouse, 26th of June 2009
  • Partner of the Democracy, Cities &Drugs II project, 2001-2008
  • Presentation at the [link url=”1766″]Conference on Local Safety Audits[/link], Brussels, Belgium, March 27th 2008
  • Pilot of the [link url=”566″]Workgroup ‘Prevention of urban insecurity facing the challenge of cultural diversity’[/link], 2004-2006
  • Partner of the SecuCities  [link url=”448″]Crime Prevention in Europe[/link], 2001-2002
  • Partner of the project [link url=”1621″]Abused and neglected Elderly Women[/link], 2001-2002
  • Partner of the Secucities [link url=”12″]Drugs Network[/link]: “Pilot training programme on the prevention and treatment of drug dependencies for elected officials and local leaders in small and medium-size towns, 2000-2001
  • Partner of the [link url=”30286″]SecuCities Football : Euro 2000 cities against racism[/link], 2000
  • Presentation at the [link url=”30285″]Conference “A stadium in the city, a city in the stadium[/link]”, 4th and 5th of June 1999
  • Partner of  [link url=”12″]The Pertinency of Drug Prevention Messages[/link], 1998-1999
  • Partner of the [link url=”983″]Local participation in strategies for the prevention and control of drug abuse[/link], 1997-1998
  • Partner of the [link url=”963″]Study: Drug-related cross-border traffic patterns[/link], 1995-1997
  •  “Local voices – Local communication strategies to prevent extremism”


  • General Assembly, Cascais, Portugal, 27th June 2013
  • General Assembly, Brussels, Belgium, 7th June 2012
  • General Assembly, [link url=”30417″]Toulouse[/link], France, June 25th 2009
  • General Assembly, [link url=”2021″]Barcelona[/link], Spain, July 18th 2008
  • Final conference of the [link url=”1592″]“Cities Against Terrorism”[/link], Brussels 10th of September 2007
  • General Assembly, [link url=”30153″]Rome[/link], Italy, July 6th 2007
  •  General Assembly, Brussels, Belgium, May 5th 2006
  • [link url=”714″]Towards a European framework for Prevention[/link], Meeting at the European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium, February 23rd 2006
  • [link url=””]International conference of Saragossa[/link], Spain, November 2nd- 4th 2006
  • [link url=”513″]European Conference on Mediation and Conflicts Regulation[/link], Angers, France, May 6th 2004
  • International Conference on Safety and Democracy, Naples, Italy, 7th-9th December 2000
  • [link url=”30296″]Conference “Urban transports, safety and social crisis[/link]”, October 30th-31st 1995

3. Best Practice Forms :