1. General Information :

Düsseldorf is the capital city of the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. It is an economic centre of Germany and is located in the Rhein-Ruhr area, the country’s most populated metropolitan area. The city is situated on the River Rhine, and is renowned for its many events and also for its fashion and trade fairs.

Population: 585.000

Location: Germany

Official website

Crime prevention website

English version available under http://www.duesseldorf.de/eng/kpr/

Twinned with:

  • Reading (United Kingdom),
  • Chemnitz (Germany),
  • Haifa (Israel),
  • Warsow (Poland),
  • Moscow (Russian Federation),
  • Chongqing (China).

Furthermore Düsseldorf is engaged in friendships relations with Lillehammer (Norway), Palma de Mallorca (Spain), Belgrad (Serbia), [link url=”1882″]Toulouse[/link] (France), Chicago (USA), Amman (Jordan).

2. The city in our network :

The city and the Efus:

Member since : March 2009

Member of the Executive Committee since : 2016


  • Partner of the projet “Democracy, Cities and Drugs II”
  • Partner of the project “LIAISE” on radicalisation

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4. Further information :

Current priorities in the field of crime prevention: