Dunkerque (CU)

1. General Information :

The urban community of Dunkerque Grand Littoral is an inter-communal French structure, located in the Nord department and in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region. The urban community of Dunkerque Grand Littoral covers 18 communes.

Population: 200 317 inhabitants

Location: France

Official Website

Safety contract: The urban community of Dunkerque created an Inter-communal Council for Security and Crime Prevention.

2. The City in our Network :

The City and Efus

Member since 2005

Participated in:

  • International conference of Saragossa, Spain, 2-4 November 2006

The City and the National Forum (FFSU)

Participated in:

  • Training session on “Intermunicipal links and crime prevention: the issues”, Paris, 7 October 2009
  • Crime Prevention Award 2008 “Crime Prevention in Public Spaces”, France, 2008


  • Conference “1983-2008, is security still everyone’s concern?“, Efus-FFSU, 5 December 2008
  • Crime Prevention Award Ceremony 2008, “Crime Prevention in Public Spaces“, Paris, 29 October 2008
  • Training session on “Smoking, Alcohol, Illegal Drugs: Regional Prevention Policies”, FFSU, 13-14 October 2005
  • Training session on “Alternative measures to criminal proceedings and imprisonment”, FFSU, 13 January 2005
  • Training session on “Access to the law”, FFSU, 9 September 2004
  • Training session on “Prison Rehabilitation and Probation Services”, FFSU, 1 July 2004

3. Project Files (Best practice forms) :

  • “Security on Public Transport”, Urban Community of Dunkerque, 2008, the Crime Prevention Award judging panel were interested in this file, 2008

4. Further Information :

News from the City

  • The members of the Crime Prevention Award judging panel in 2008 were interested in this work. Publication of the Crime Prevetnion Award, 2008.

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