Den Haag


1. General Information :

The Hague (Dutch: Den Haag) is the seat of the Dutch government and parliament, the Supreme Court, and the Council of State and the capital city of the province of South Holland.  King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands and Queen Máxima plan to live and work in The Hague.

With a population of 515,880 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2015) and more than one million inhabitants including the suburbs, it is the third-largest city of the Netherlands. The Metropolitan Area Rotterdam/The Hague  with a population of approximately 2.9 million is the most populous in the country.

The Hague -home to the  International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court  –is  the international city of peace and justice. Tens of thousands of people work in around 160 organisations, hundreds of companies and various knowledge centres. Most foreign embassies in the Netherlands and 150 international organisations are located in the city, which makes The Hague one of the major cities hosting the United Nations, along with New York, Geneva, Vienna and Nairobi.

Population : 524.000

Location : The Netherlands

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  • Workshop Medi@4sec, Paris, France, 4th of October 2016
  • General Assembly of Efus, Setubal, Portugal, 27th of June 2016
  • Final conference of Security and Tourism project, Paris, France, 25-26th of June 2015
  • General Assembly of Efus, Paris, France, 24th of June 2015
  • Final Conference of AUDIT project, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 3-4th of December 2015
  • Wandering on the Banks of the Saint Martin Canal, Paris, France, 26th of June 2015
  • Presentation and visit of Fêtez Clairs and Wimoov, Paris, France, 26th of  June 2015
  • Presentation and visit of the Night Council, Paris, France, 26th of June 2015
  • Conference “Security, Democracy and Cities: The Future of Prevention”, 2012


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