Bogota Chamber of Commerce (CCB)*

blason Camara comercio de Bogota

1. General Information :

The Chamber of Commerce of Bogota is a non-profit organization founded by the private sector, which works to improve quality of life in Bogota and the region via the development of civic and social programs. To this end, the CCB has generated multiple proposals related to urban security and continues to work  the improvement of security conditions. The CCB has promoted private and public alliances at the local and regional levels in order to to ameliorate understanding of the challenges faced by citizens and businesses in terms of security.

Through its own Citizen Security Board, the Chamber of Commerce of Bogota develops initiatives, based on partnerships with the private sector, with the goal of producing specialized information and promoting risk reduction and prevention in the field of entrepreneurial activity. In this sense, its lines of action are defined as follows:

Safety observatory : Categorisation of risks that affect entrepreneurial activity and citizen security. Development of policy recommendations.

Entrepreneurial management of security: Development and promotion of tools, content and programs to reduce risks within entrepreneurial activities. 

Institutional reinforcement: Development of actions and programs aiming at strengthening institutional capacities in the field of security.

Location: Bogota, Colombia

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2. The organization within the network :

The organization and Efus:

Member since: February 2015


The CCB participated in the 2012 Security, democracy and cities : The future of  prevention conference, as a contributor on the topic of public-private partnerships.

The CCB and the High Presidential Council on Citizen Security co-organized a serience of workshops with local actors in Bogota on the efficiency of surveillance technologies. These workshops were led by Efus and the European University Institute, the co-pilots of the SURVEILLE project.

3. Further informations :


Some recent projects:

Peace Building: The CCB, considering eventual future post-conflict scenarios that could emerge, identified the private sector as a key actor for social inclusion within peace-building processes. Based on this approach, the CCB has elaborated a guide for peace-building, written by the CCB and the International Catalan Institute for Peace. This document analyzes the importance of including entrepreneurial participation within peace-building processes.

The program “If I was a mayor” aims to promote citizen participation within Bogota’s mayoral election process and, for the first time, Cundinamarca’s gubernatorialelection. This would be carried out through the common development of proposals around strategic topics concerning the city and the department.

Thus, the program seeks to increase the engagement of private sector and citizens while designing policy proposals. Forums, workshops, enquiries and surveys make up some of the toolsused to reach this goal.

ONG et local associations :

The CCB works with the following institutions:

  • Agency for support to Catalan business
  • UNDP
  • ICPC
  • International Catalan institute for peace
  • BID
  • Sweden’s Embassy
  • Presidential Agency for International cooperation of Colombia

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