MATCH-SPORT – Make Amateur Sport Tolerant by Eliminating Racism and Discrimination

How to address the issue of violence, racism, discrimination and intolerance in sport and, more specifically, in amateur sport ? Through the MATCH-SPORT project, local authorities and sport organisations work together on reducing violence, discriminations, racism and intolerance in sport through  the exchange of expertise and practices. 

The main goals of the project are to:

    • Develop or strengthen programmes to counter and prevent violence in amateur sport
    • Help local authorities improve knowledge on violence and prevention strategies
    • Empower local partners by providing them with suitable and adequate tools to answer with an integrated, multi sectoral approach, as they are well aware of the problem but often ill-equipped to address it


The main activities of the project are:

    • Establishing a picture of violence and discrimination in sport at the local level in several European countries
    • creating practice sheets on valuable actions regarding the experience of the city/region in tackling the issues of violence and discrimination in sport
    • creating a local training programme for local authorities, sport organisations and volunteers
    • implementing pilot projects in all partners cities
    • sharing results of the project during a festival in the context of the European Week of Sport (2020)


Efus is leader of the project.



Local authorities: Liege (BE), Lisbon (PT), Loano (IT), Maranello (IT), Nea Propontida (GR),Valence (FR)

Other organisations: Europaische Sportacademie Land Brandenburg (“The European Sports Academy Brandenburg”, DE), Unione Italiana Sport per Tutti (“Italian Union: Sport for Everyone”, IT), Portuguese Ministry of Internal Administration (PT)



January 2019 – December 2020 (24 months)



Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union logo with text on the left


  • Martí Navarro Regàs, Programme Manager:​
  • Carla Napolano, Deputy Director of EU Programmes and Network Life:


>>> See the project’s page on the European commission’s website