General Assembly meeting in Liege : a dense programme and the opportunity to visit a dynamic and festive city

The Efus General Assembly was held on Monday 14 and Tuesday 15 May in Liege (Belgium), city which is President of the association. Thank you for being here, and taking part in this important event in the life of our association ! 

The two-day meeting took place at the Cité Miroir, an old public bathhouse that was renovated in 2014 and converted into a “cultural and citizen space” offering a wide range of activities, including conferences and exhibitions. 



On Monday, the event started with three field visits:

  • Visit 1: migration, cultural diversity and welcoming new residents
  • Visit 2: homeless and marginalised people in public spaces: emergency and temporary accommodations
  • Visit 3: awareness-raising, prevention and culture: hooliganism, radicalism

Click here for more information about the field visits

The afternoon was devoted to the GAM, with a review of the main points of 2017, including a balance of the “Security, Democracy and Cities: Co-producing urban security” conference in Barcelona, last November, and a presentation of the activities and projects planned for the next few years. The meeting concluded with the election of the Executive Committee. Representatives of the European Commission were attendance to present the first call for “urban innovative actions” in the area of security. In the evening, there was a reception hosted by the Liege City Hall.

Tuesday morning, started with a public colloquium on the theme: “The city of tomorrow: how to include aspects linked to social cohesion, crime prevention and security in public space planning”. That was an opportunity to present the work carried out by the thematic working groups set up by the German, Belgian and French Forums (respectively DEFUS, FBPSU and FFSU). Furthermore, there was a presentation of the Liege Together initiative, which is a comprehensive urban renewal and rebranding programme that has radically changed the external image of the city but also the way local residents perceive it. Click here for more information about this colloquium

In the afternoon, those who so wish could attend Liege’s Night Council, on the management of nightlife, or discover the Cité Miroir’s cultural offer. 



We will shortly put online the report on this meeting, a key moment in the life of our association.

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