PREPARE project


PREPARE’s overall objective was to help prevent radicalisation through disengagement and rehabilitation programmes in release and probation, mainly by encouraging local authorities to build or reinforce local, multi-agency partnerships involving all relevant stakeholders.

More specifically, its aims included:

  • establishing the current state of multi-agency disengagement and rehabilitation programmes in release and probation at the local level;
  • identifying the areas of need in order to draw up tailor-made recommendations for the development of multi-agency initiatives in release and probation;
  • strengthening the capacity of local authorities for multi-agency tertiary prevention of radicalisation in release and probation;
  • bringing together European local authorities who are willing to address radicalisation through release and probation.


The project was carried out in 3 main stages:

1. Establishing the current picture
An initial research stage undertaken by Efus and partner organisations in order to identify ways in which European local authorities are currently working on preventing radicalisation through probation and release, and the main challenges they face.

2. Project meetings
Four project meetings were held throughout the project, which included discussions among partners, interventions by external experts and field visits. This stage enabled partners, cities and experts to exchange and learn from concrete experiences of radicalisation prevention.

3. Technical assistance and local activities
In parallel with the project meetings, local authorities mobilised experts to assist them in the development of activities for preventing radicalisation. As the rest of the activities, this third phase was tailored to the specific context of each local authority to meet their exact needs. Efus acted as an intermediary between partner organisations or external experts and the recipient local authorities.


  • 9 practice sheets describing the local activities designed and implemented by the partner local authorities.
  • 7 state-of-the-art article explaining how European countries prevent radicalisation through probation and release
  • 1 guidebook including: the results of the research on European practices, a summary of the local activities undertaken by the partner cities as part of the project, and policy and methodological recommendations for European local and regional authorities, EU Member States and EU institutions.


PREPARE successfully gathered two types of partners: expert organisations and local authorities.

  • Local & regional authorities: City of Málaga and Government of Catalonia (Spain), City of Rotterdam and City of The Hague (Netherlands), City of Clichy-sous-Bois (France) and City of Vilvoorde (Belgium).
  • Organisations: Violence Prevention Network and Denkzeit (Germany), Fryshuset (Sweden), European Forum for Restorative Justice (Belgium) and Fondation Agir Contre l’Exclusion (France).

The Confederation of European Probation, City of Avignon and the Swedish Prison and Probation Service were associated to the project.


1st October 2017 – 31 December 2019

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