Webconference: Emergency planning and crisis management

“Emergency planning, a key tool in health crisis management”

Session in French: 04/06/2020
10:00 – 11:30 CEST


The COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting the lifestyles of citizens around the world and creating panic amongst populations, who are faced with not only a health crisis, but an economic, social and cultural one. The need for security has been made all the more urgent as tackling the crisis involves health measures, survival, containment strategies and support for populations. New forms of crime have developed: computer fraud, attempts to take control of mafia aid networks, the reorganisation of drug trafficking, to name a few. The crisis is a challenge for public authorities at local, regional, national and international level.

The problems of civil order, health assistance, social support, mobility and protection of vulnerable populations call for a response, particularly from local elected representatives who are on the front line of this crisis. We will thus have the opportunity to examine two key questions concerning the French Communal Safeguard Plans (in French: Plans Communaux de Sauvegarde or PCS) and the Belgian General Emergency and Intervention Plans (in French: Plans Généraux d’Urgence et d’Intervention or PGUI) with regard to the management of this crisis:

  • Are disaster planning arrangements (such as PCS and PGUI) adapted to this new risk? 
  • How does disaster planning fit in with the continuity plans of public services, including those for prevention, mediation and youth? Are the prevention actors involved in the disaster planning structures, for example after a terrorist attack, during a pandemic or in the event of other disasters?

The European Forum for Urban Security, in association with the ALARM project / INTERREG 5  / Eurometropole Lille / Kortrijck / Tournai, invites you to a Q&A with two guests who are experts in these areas.

FVERNOUXGeneral e.r. François VERNOUX, commander of the Franco-Belgian engineering battalion of UNPROFOR in Sarajevo in 1993, former permanent director of the Operational Centre for Interministerial Crisis Management, author of several books on crisis management, including one on the conduct of communal safeguard operations, will present PCS’s approach which involves the mandate given to Mayors to ensure the protection of their population.

GMAHIEUThe Governor of Walloon Brabant and director of the Security Contract of the City of Mons, Gilles MAHIEU, who has been in charge of several ministerial cabinets, including that of Urban Policy, will present the planning approach from the municipal to the regional and the national level, the integration of relevant agencies (Fire Brigade, Emergency Medical Aid, Police, Civil Protection etc.) and how the preparation of municipal plans has been made compulsory by the legislator.

If you are interested in this topic and wish to share your experience with the speakers as well as with a European network of local authorities and experts, we invite you to register for this web conference which will take place on 4 June 2020 from 10:00 to 11:30. You can register on the following link for free: 


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