Book presentation and discussion on jihadism with Asiem El Difraoui

Paris, 15.03.2017 – As a first edition of its breakfast debates, the French Forum for Urban Security (FFSU) hosted a book presentation and discussion with political scientist, economist, film-maker and leading expert on arab media and jihadist internet propaganda Asiem El Difraoui on Wednesday, March 15. The meeting was presided by Roger Vicot, mayor of Lomme and president of FFSU, moderated by Elizabeth Johnston, executive director of FFSU and Efus, and attended by around 40 participants, among them many representatives of French cities who make part of the forum.

El Difraoui gave a concise conceptual and historical introduction to jihadism, differentiating it from islamism and salafism, and traced its development from its roots in 18th century Wahhabism to today’s violent extremist interpretations in the ideologies of terrorist groups such as Daesh. Following his introduction, El Difraoui answered numerous questions from the audience, engaging in discussions on approaches to preventing violent radicalisation on local as well as European levels. He stressed the importance of analysing the development of jihadism in the Middle East as well as phenomena of social disintegration and anti-islamic prejudice in Europe to understand contemporary processes of radicalisation and to develop effective counter-strategies.

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