European cities have adopted a Manifesto on Urban Security

Press release
14 December 2012

European cities have adopted a Manifesto on Urban Security

The “Security, Democracy and Cities: The Future of Prevention” conference organised by Efus (European Forum for Urban Security) in partnership with the cities of Aubervilliers and Saint-Denis was concluded on December 14, 2012 with the adoption of a Manifesto on Urban Security.

With this Manifesto, cities from all across Europe, members of Efus, call for promoting long-term policies to manage security as opposed to short-term management. They claim prevention is the option that is “rational, strategic and the most cost effective”. Prevention should be fostered so as to “ensure that security, a basic element of quality of urban life, is a fundamental right for future generations.”

Efus city members also call for citizens’ participation as a common principle ruling all security policies. Citizens must take part in all the steps of security policies’ definition from conception and enforcement to evaluation of the actions taken. In particular, Efus city members call for the full participation of young people, “who are all too often stigmatised and victims of violence.” Cities ask for the promotion of women rights and for a “systematic and constant equality of treatment between men and women.”

The future of Prevention was the theme chosen by Efus’ elected members for its fifth international conference which gathered more than 900 people, including representatives of 180 cities and 36 countries on five continents. The theme was an appeal for putting prevention at the centre of any local, national and European security policies. Police and Justice representatives, social workers, researchers, academics and security professionals discussed security issues during three days.

The Manifesto of Aubervilliers and Saint-Denis will be the roadmap of Efus and its 270 local members for the coming years. Thematic recommendations from the workshops of the conference will be added to the Manifesto in January. It will be circulated to governments and European and international institutions, to share the perspective of elected officials on urban security issues. It will also guide the actions of European local authorities by offering a framework for action.

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