6th EXASS Net plenary meeting, Amsterdam, 2009 October 19th-21st

EXASS Net is a European network of partnerships between stakeholders at frontline level responding to drug problems providing experience and assistance for inter-sectoral cooperation. Initiated in 2006 by the EU Finnish presidency, this network is carried out by the Pompidou Group, Council of Europe. EXASS Net gathers the cities of Amsterdam (NL), Budapest (HU), Frankfurt (GE), Krakow (PL), the Lancashire (UK), Oslo (NO), Turku (FI), Zagreb (HR) as well as the Russian Federation, the Romanian Anti-drug agency, the Finnish Health Ministry, The UK Home Office, the networks Correlation network and Democracy, Cities & Drugs.

EXASS Net organises two plenary meetings a year in different cities during which participants share practices on a specific topic and visit local drug services. In June 2009 in Budapest, the EXASS Net members worked on Safer Nightlife. The reports and background documents issued from the meetings are available on the EXASS Net website: http://www.exass.net/

During the next meeting in Amsterdam, a particular focus will be done on self-organised drug users’ groups, drugs users’ empowerment and Dutch cannabis policy.