Research-study on links between small and large scale organised crime, 2003

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This exploratory research-study aimed to highlight the “values” that encourage the links between petty and serious crime, and cause ordinary petty crime to escalate into organised crime.

This study had the final aim of better developing scenarios of prevention and reinsertion of criminals.

Audits were carried out in nine European cities : Naples (I), Hambourg (D), Anvers (B), Bilbao (E), Marseille (F), Saint-Denis (F), Wroclaw (Poland), Lisbon (Portugal) and Birmingham (United Kingdom). The Piemonte Centre for European Initiatives (Italy) was associated with the research.

This programme was co-financed by the European Commission.

It led to the publication of ” Approche locale de la criminalité organisée : liens entre petite criminalité et grande criminalité dans des quartiers dits en difficulté ” (Local approach to organised crime: links between petty and serious crime in supposed trouble neighbourhoods) in French and English