‘Living in a Safe City’, three-day event in Milan on safety in the urban environment

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From 24th to 26th June 2013, the event ‘Living in a Safe City’ will be taking place in Milan.

Programme Living in a Safe City-1During the three days speakers will discuss safety in the urban environment through a series of seminars, debates, site visits and exhibitions at the Polytechnic of Milan and Villa Scheibler and an evening presentation at the Association of Architects of Milan.

European experts from municipalities, police forces, universities and the UNI (the Italian National Standard body) will address different aspects of the application of safety criteria through urban planning practice.

In 2010, the UNI adopted the European standard CEN/TR14383-2 “Prevention of crime – Urban planning”, entailing that crime prevention criteria is taken into account in urban design and planning, a measure that was not previously common practice in Italy.

Thus, international experts will discuss multidisciplinary approaches to the implementation and application of the new standard. Events will address lessons learned in ‘Pilot Experiences: Great Britain and Italy’, architectural approaches in ‘Designing the SafeCity’, university and municipality cooperation in ‘Working Together for a SafeCity’ and town planning strategies for safety in ‘Planning Safe Neighbourhoods: Principles Versus Practice.”

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