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The 5th Latin Conference about Harm Reduction

The 5th Latin Conference about Harm Reduction is an event which results from the networking among several countries such as Portugal, Spain, France, Italy and Switzerland and others countries of Latin America. This 5th edition took place in Oporto, Portugal … More

Our Partners

European Commission Justice http://ec.europa.eu/justice_home/index_en.htm European Union Network for Crime Prevention The French, Belgian and Luxemburg Forums for Urban Safety are civil society contact points within this network. http://www.eucpn.org/ Délégation interministérielle de la Ville (DIV) http://www.ville.gouv.fr/ Mission Interministérielle de lutte contre … More

French Forum

President: City of Lomme Contact: Emilie Petit petit@ffsu.org 10 rue des Montiboeufs 75020 Paris – France Telephone: 00 33 1 40 64 49 00 Fax: 00 33 1 40 64 49 10 Website

Creation of the German Forum “DEFUS”

This year’s EFUS General Assembly in Berlin – hosted by the German Congress on Crime Prevention – was a real success. Allowing “EFUS to meet Germany and Germany to meet EFUS” was the aim of this event that led to … More

Prix Prévention Délinquance, 2009

The French Forum for Urban Safety is organising this year for the second time the French Crime Prevention Award. The idea is to link the French Award to the European crime prevention Award (ECPA). The chosen theme is therefore the same for … More