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Nightlife management in Lille / France, 2008

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Pass’Sport for the future (USCBO sports club) / Cannes, France 2008

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Making two social housing neighbourhoods in Brest more secure / Brest, France 2008

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“The Meaux scheme for the pursuit of schooling”, winner of the french Crime Prevention Award, october 28th2009

The number of expelled secondary school pupils had increased a lot, especially since 2006 (100% for the academic year 2006-2007, i.e. 56 expulsions). These pupils remained out of school for several weeks, and even for several months before going back … More

Publication by Mr. Bousquet and Mr.Lenoir : “Crime Prevention”, octobre 2009

Mr. Richard BOUSQUET, Honorary Commissioner of the French Police, and Mr. Eric LENOIR, Director of Citizenship and prevention at ACSé, give us an updated and complete panorama of Crime Prevention in France and, through their crossed points of views, share … More