Collaboration between communities regarding urban security, 26 of June 2007

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The Luxembourguese Forum on Crime Prevention ( LFPUS), EuRegio and the  Forum EUROPA   had organized a conference on 26th June 2007: “collaboration between communities regarding urban security”

Prior to this conference, a transborder meeting of dialogue, between Burgomasters/ Mayors was rolled out in 3 transborder spaces, namely the Ardennes-Eifel public area, the Triangle de Schengen and the European Development Group. The objective of the meeting is to put transborder communities in contact with each other on the theme of urban security. This meeting also has the analysis of the existing collaboration between the transborder communities and exploring the ways and means to be put into place in order to intensify this cooperation with regard to prevention as objectives. In parallel, the police/gendarmerie forces also met with the same objectives.

The conference had  offered  Mayors, Burgomasters and Delegates of local collectives in the Region of Luxembourg, the opportunity to collaborate in the drafting of a resolution for the attention of the Summit of the Region of Luxembourg and the Interregional Parliamentary Counsel.

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