General Assembly and debate – Italian Forum, Modena, November 12-13 2009

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The Italian Forum, will hold its annual General Assembly next November 12 in Modena. As usual, the meeting will be followed by a public initiative.
During these days, the FISU will not miss the opportunity to reflect on the current situation of urban safety policies in Italy, and comparing it with European experience. The FISU indeed feel the urgency to publish his views in relation to recent trends of the national policies, which in a side gives new powers to the mayors, but on the other side subject these powers to guidelines and review of the Prefect (national power).
If the mayor should be the focus of urban safety policies, he should do it as an elected official and on the role of referent of the whole community.
The FISU has the honor to invite you to participate to this debate taking place on the morning of November 13 in Modena: “the mayor as the axis of the local community in the urban safety policies”.
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