FISU – General Assembly and Public Initiative

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The General Assembly and the public initiative took place in Bari on November 8 and 9, 2010. The initiative was organised according to the following agenda:
– November 8: Executive Committee, General Assembly and visit to the property confiscated from the mafia, and now used for social actions, Giovinazzo (in the province of Bari).
– November 9: Public Initiative entitled “Local government in the relationship between organised crime and urban security: markets, consumption and lifestyles”, with the participation of Mayors and elected officials of central, north and south of Italy.

Summary of the Executive Committee and the General Assembly
Discussion. The discussion revolved around the theme of participation of members in the life of the association and the role of the Executive Committee. It should be noted that the interest rate and the participation of members in good science initiatives (training sessions, conferences, seminars and consulting the new site) does not correspond to participation in social life and the General Assembly and the Executive Committee.
Services for members. In light of the Memorandum of Understanding signed with the association Avviso Pubblico is stresses the importance of common strategies to fight organized crime by focusing on training. It is proposed to publish a second book of “100idee per la sicurezza”,  (100iideas for security).” Member cities have shared the success of the third édiction of the national event “100 Cities for Security ( 18-24 October 2010) and the theater project that resulted in the creation of a documentary film, “La paura siCura.
Organization. The Executive Committee members are reconfirmed: the president ( Giorgio Pighi, Mayor of Modena), Vice-Presidents (Roberto Reggi, mayor of Piacenza and Alessandro Andreatta, Mayor of Trento) and the other EC members. Mrs Irene Priolo Mayor of Calderara di Reno (BO) was elected vice-president with the role of auditor, replacing Ms. Donatella Ferrari, who recently resigned. The Technical Secretariat has been reconfirmed.
After the Executive Committee, the city of Giovinazzo organized a visit to a villa confiscated from the mafia which is currently undergoing reconstruction and will host the following activities for social purposes.

Public initiative. The conference “The local government in the relationship between organized crime and urban security: the markets, the consumption and the lifestyles,” was attended by Giorgio Pighi, Mayor of Modena and President of FISU, Andrea Campitoti Mayor Certaldo and president of the Public Notice, Giovanni Di Martino Mayor Niscemi (CT), Franco Corradini security adviser and social cohesion of the municipality of Reggio Emilia, Gianni Speranza mayor of Lamezia Terme (CZ) and Michele Emiliano Mayor of Bari
The initiative has compared the views and experiences of different cities from north to south Italy affected by the phenomenon of Mafia infiltration. The various actions show a fairly uniform: the Mafia infiltration and strategies to combat organized crime are shared by both cities in southern Italy than northern, traditionally regarded as “happy oasis untouched by this phenomenon. The conclusions, made by the Mayor of Bari Michele Emiliano, show the correlation between the presence of organized crime and the perception of safety and emphasize the need to strengthen the role of mayors and resources to combat the spread of Mafia culture, to promote better conditions of urban security.

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