“URB-AL-Urban Security : training and practices”

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In 2006 the Tuscany Region, with the participation of  local officials, technicians and researchers from European and Latino American cities (9 from Latin America, 2 from Europe) and 3 organisations has coordinated the project “URB-AL-Urban Security : training and practices”. Click here to knows the partners of the project.


The main aim of the project consists in defining professional profiles as well as in designing  training programmes for local officers about urban safety policies, through the exchange of experiences, the comparison of organisational models and the identification of training needs, as well as through a comparison among local institutions, universities and associations in Europe and in Latin America.


The project has four main aims:

–         the transnational comparison of urban safety policies with respect to safety problems typology, institutional and organisational frame, perspectives and intervention techniques;

–         the identification of the offer and of the demand about training programmes in different European and Latin American cities;

–         the creation of basic training materials that can be used to train officers working on urban safety in the European and Latin American municipalities and bodies involved in the project;

–         (indirect aim) the diffusion and promotion of the essential elements for urban safety policies coordinators’ training even using other structures (Universities, postgraduate masters, police academies, training centres for social services, public administration training centres).


In order to achieve the above-mentioned aims, the project requires a phase of discussion on the meaning of the urban safety notion and policies as well as an examination of the relationships among the institutional officers in charge of local security.


Therefore, the project development intends to consider state institutions and their relevant bodies at a territorial level (police and justice) as essential elements for safety policies setting and realisation.


In order to produce the training programmes for local officers about urban safety policies and achieve its objects the project has produced mains activities :

-2 transnational seminars :

–         1st seminar in Santiago of Chile (Chile ) from the 28th of June 2006 to the 1st of July 2006

–         2nd seminar in Florence (Italy) from the 28th to the 31th  of October 2006

-working documents and materials

-web site and final publication distribution

-a final document (publication).


Betweeen the two seminars the project committee has elaborated a  methodological proposal in order to elaborate the final document of the project, that it was presented in the Conference of zaragoza (2-4 November 2006) organized by the European Forum for Urban Safety.


During the seminar in Florence the partners of the project have wrote et signed a declaration to underline communs ideas.

Click  here to download the declaration of Florence (available in Spanish) .


The project has produced a publication concerning a methodological proposal of training programmes about urban safety policies . 

Click here to download the publication (available in Spanish and Italian )


For more information about the project, the partners and the seminars the working documents and the power points presentations, visit  the web site of the project (available in Italian, Spanish and English)