Resolution on Juvenile Delinquency, June 2007

The European Parliament has adopted a resolution on juvenile delinquency proposing integrated responses to the growing level of youth delinquency, starting at a younger age and becoming more and more violent (Document P6_TA-PROV(2007)0283).
The text adopted on June 21, 2007 states that this trend could be effectively combated by adopting an integrated strategy at national and European level which would mesh three guiding principles: prevention, extrajudicial measures and the social inclusion of all young people.
In order to combat juvenile delinquency, an integrated and effective school, social, family and educational policy must be implemented, which would help to ensure that social and civic values are passed on and that young people adjust to society at an early age. There was also a need for a policy geared to countering social exclusion and poverty, with particular reference to child poverty.
Parliament also stressed the particular importance of schools and school communities in shaping the character of children and adolescents. If the education system failed to provide suitable channels for intervention, assistance and contact with students, two fundamental characteristics of present-day schools, multiculturalism coupled with an increased distinction between social classes, might lead to violence within schools. Education authorities should be issued with the necessary guidelines regarding an up-to-date approach to conflict management at school by means of conciliation procedures involving pupils, parents, teachers and local authorities.
In order to achieve a European strategy, Member States, in cooperation with the Commission, need to draw up a number of minimum standards and guiding principles common to all Member States in relation to juvenile delinquency. These must focus on the three guiding principles (prevention, judicial and extrajudicial measures, inclusion).
The objective of a common European approach should be to define models for intervention in order to deal with juvenile delinquency, while recourse to custodial measures and punishment should constitute a last resort and be implemented only when judged to be absolutely necessary.

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