Direct democracy with Tweetyourmep

All European citizens can now chat directly with Members of the European Parliament (MEP) thanks to the new Tweetyourmep system launched at the end of September throughout the European Union. The system was presented to the French public by the […]

Citizens, Cities and Video Surveillance

The Efus publication Towards a democratic and responsible use of videosurveillance is available to download here on Efus Network. It is the result of the European project Citizens, Cities and Video Surveillance, focused on the use of video surveillance in the … More

Video surveillance in Dobrich (Bulgaria): travel notes

Almost everybody around the table agreed: The city of Dobrich needs a CCTV system. What for? Of course to fight crime, but also to enforce road traffic regulations. What are the offences targeted, especially given that Dobrich does not have … More

Accompanying CCTV in Dobrich, Bulgaria (2009-2010)

Saint-Herblain accompanies Dorbrich in its project to make use of CCTV The city of Dobrich – 100 000 inhabitants, located at the north-east of Bulgaria, 35km from the Black Sea – has been considering installing a CCTV system. In order to … More

Field visit in Lyon (France), 29-30 October 2009

The concilliation of the use of CCTV and respect of individual liberties in Lyon The « Citizens, cities and video surveillance » project In a context of increasing debates on the use and efficiency of CCTV around Europe, the European … More

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