Upcoming meeting of the SURVEILLE working group on technologies open to (a limited number of) interested Efus members

Paris, September 2014 – The third meeting of the Efus SURVEILLE working group on technologies will take place in Paris (France) on 9-10 October 2014, and will be hosted jointly with the city of Paris.  As in prior meetings, participants … More

Technology and urban security – opportunities to participate in upcoming activities

As announced at the 2014 General Assembly in Karlsruhe, Efus invites its members to participate in a series of upcoming activities related to the use of new technologies for urban security.   Project proposal “Big Data for urban security” Building … More

Surveillance technologies: an interview with Jean-Louis Touraine, Member of Parliament, Rhône, and former Deputy Mayor of Lyon in charge of public order and security

Efus has been working for many years on the theme of surveillance technologies, notably as part of a European project (2007-2011) which studied interactions between citizens, cities, and video surveillance. Efus is currently working on a research project on the … More

Preparing for the arrival of new technologies in the security landscape – Colombian government invited Efus and EUI to organise workshops in Colombia

The government of Colombia includes the use of new surveillance technologies in its national strategy to reduce violence and develop innovative crime prevention programmes. However, it also recognises that many stakeholders resort to these technologies without knowing precisely which ones … More

Survey on surveillance and security technology

 Which security and surveillance technologies are being used in European cities and for what purpose? Is investing in technologies worthwhile, given that in terms of prevention every euro can only be spent once? How is the use of these technologies … More

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