Security and Innovation Working Group – Webconferences

Security and Innovation Working Group Webconferences: Technologies used for urban security In 2018, Efus set up a working group on Security & Innovation that seeks to harness the opportunities of smart and hyper connected cities to improve crime prevention and … More

The impact of Covid-19 on the use of new technologies and the protection of fundamental rights

Paris, France, May 2020 – The public health crisis linked to Covid-19 has had a considerable impact on the development and use of technologies to support the fight against the pandemic, especially those driven by artificial intelligence systems. However, we … More

Efus meets in Paris a delegation of Japanese industrialists and researchers to discuss new technologies and security

Paris, France, November 2019 – What ethical and legal challenges do new technologies such as artificial intelligence pose in terms of security? Do they efficiently protect people against threats such as terrorism? Are new laws necessary to regulate the use … More

Innovating in Urban Security – by Paul Ekblom, University College, London –

Why should we innovate in urban security? What, indeed, is innovation and how does Efus view it? How can we support it? These are the topics that are being covered in Efus’ working group on Innovation & Security. It was … More

From apps to social innovation… how to make the best use of information technologies in crime prevention and urban security

Augsburg, Germany, June 2019 – The new working group on Innovation & Security established in the wake of the Medi@4sec projet on the use of information technologies met on the occasion of Efus’ General Assembly meeting, on 26 June in … More

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