Young people, police and justice in Seine-Saint-Denis: exchanging for change / Pierrefitte-sur-Seine, France 2013

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Italy takes on EU presidency with a pledge to be closer to citizens and to foster economic growth

Paris, July 2014 – Following the European parliamentary elections of May 2014 and in view of the renewal of the European Commission at the end of the year, the Trio (Italy, Latvia and Luxembourg) that takes the presidency of the … More

The city of Barcelona hosts a field visit for Brussels and Alba as part of the Security & Tourism project

Barcelona, Spain, 26-27 June 2014 – A field visit was organised in Barcelona (Spain) on 26 and 27 June 2014 as part of the Security & Tourism project. Delegates of the cities of Brussels (BE) and Alba (IT) were informed … More

Conflicts in public spaces – prevention and intervention / City of Augsburg, Germany

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The prevention of domestic violence in Sosnowiec, Poland

By Adrian Drdzeń – Chairman of the interdisciplinary prevention team in Sosnowiec Sosnowiec, Poland, June 2014 – With its project “Land of the Fireflies”, the city of Sosnowiec was nominated as representative of Poland for the 2013 European Crime Prevention Award. … More