EUCPN: follow up crime prevention policies – experts meeting, April 2006

Within the framework of EUCPN Work Programme, the working party on “Monitoring crime prevention policies” project – led by the Czech Republic (Ministry of the Interior, Crime Prevention Department) – was convened to Prague on 27th and 28th April 2006. … More

EUCPN 2005 activities

EFUS’ role Contact point Contents   The Forum participated in the EUPCN annual general meeting in Luxembourg on 18 April 2005. The conference dealt with the topics of domestic violence and violence within and around schools. On 23 May, the … More

EUCPN contact points meeting, December 2nd 2004

A meeting of the ‘EUCPN contact points’ took place on 2 December in Paris. This meeting aimed to reinforce the network through the mobilisation of the researcher and civil society contact points. To prepare this meeting, a questionnaire was distributed … More

EUCPN Best Practices Conference, Hämeenlinna, Finland, November 29 2006

Organised this year in the framework of the Finnish presidency of the European Union, the European Prize of Good Practices, the theme of which was addiction and alcohol-related violence, was awarded to Denmark.

Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of Europe, Prague, November 13th-14th 2003

Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of Europe Chamber of Local Authorities  Strasbourg, 15 November 2003                                           CG/CONF/PRAGUE (2003) 2    International Conference on LOCAL AUTHORITY POLICIES FOR CRIME PREVENTION IN EUROPE,  Prague, 13-15 November 2003 FINAL DECLARATION  1. Approximately 200 participants … More

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