1. General Information :

Montijo is a Portuguese city located in the District of Setúbal. The municipality currently occupies an area of 348,09 km² and has a total population of 51 222 inhabitants (2010), split up into 5 «freguesias».
It borders the municipalities of Alcochete on the north and on the east, of Palmela on the South, of Moita on the South-west, and of Lisbon and Loures on the Northwest, both connected by the Tagus estuary.
The bridge over the Tagus, the Vasco da Gama Bridge, was inaugurated in March 1998 in order to connect Montijo to Sacavem. Montijo is known for its bullfights, its good food and its fados.

Population: 51 222 inhabitants

Location: Portugal

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Twinned with: S. Filipe (Cape Verde)

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The City and Efus:

Member since: 2004


  • General Assembly, November 2003
  • International conference « Security, Democracy and Cities » in Zaragoza (Spain), 2006

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Member since: 2005.


  • General Assembly, Lisbon, January 2013
  • General Assembly, Loures, 1st September 2005