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Historically, Lyon is an industrial city and it is now home to many petrochemical industries situated along the river Rhône in the area called “le couloir de la chimie”. After the textile industries shut down and moved on, Lyon has gradually  focused on high technology industries, such as pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, alongside Grenoble. Lyon is also the second largest student city in France with four universities (Claude Bernard Lyon 1, Lumière Lyon 2, Jean Moulin Lyon 3 and l’Université Catholique de Lyon) as well as many engineering schools and grandes écoles. The city boasts an important architectural heritage ranging from the Roman era to the Renaissance and the 20th century; hence Lyon is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Lyon is the third largest commune in France with a population of 474 946 inhabitants. Lyon is located in the third largest urban unit and the second largest urban area in France. The city is part of the second largest urban region in France, that of Rhône et Alpes, which has 4 808 976 inhabitants. The city of Lyon is the prefecture of the Rhône-Alpes department and draws visitors from France and Europe. It has benefited from a population influx over the last two decades.

Population: 474 946 inhabitants

Location: France

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Prevention & Safety: Local Safety Contract signed in 1998, renewed in 2008

Twinned with: Birmingham (United Kingdom), Frankfurt (Germany), Milan(Italy), Lafayette (US), Saint-Louis (US), Beersheba (Israel) and Guangzhou (China)

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The City and Efus

Member since 1993

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The City and the National Forum (FFSU)

Member of the Executive Committee from 1999-2005 and since 2014

Participated in:

  • “The city, the night”: nighttime observation and working group meeting in Lyon, 2014
  • Working group, “Local authorities-Justice”, 2014
  • Working group, “Prevention of reoffending”, 2010
  • Working group, “Binge Drinking“, FFSU, 2007-2009


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