1. General Information :

Garges-lès-Gonesse is a commune in the northern suburbs of Paris. It is situated in the Val-d’Oise department, in the Île-de-France region. The commune is located 15 km from the capital. It is located between two airports and is well connected by road, bus routes, RER trains and soon a tram line.

Population: 40,058 inhabitants (1999)

Location: France

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Prevention & Security

Safety contract: signed in 1998

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  • National Day for Local Security and Crime Prevention Councils, FFSU, 15 May 2003

3. Further information :

Multidisciplinary Health Centre

A public utility project

In 2011, as part of its public health policy, the city signed a Local Safety Contract (CLS, according to its French acronym) with the regional health agency for the Île-de-France and the Prefect for the Val-d’Oise department. A local health study was launched in 2012 in order to guide the town’s health policy and to coordinate its actions. As a result of these municipal measures, the future health centre will unite private and general practitioners, specialists, and paramedical services.

The mission:

– to maintain and develop the work of general practitioners and specialists in the community;

– to make it possible for all local people (called Gargeois) to access quality health care tailored to their needs;

– to reinvigorate the ‘Arc-en-ciel’ shopping centre

Cooperation between health professionals

Since 2011 the project has been supported primarily by healthcare professionals, accompanied by the city and with the support of Acsantis, a consultancy firm.

Dr Marc Frarier, a general practitioner and president of the AMSPG association (Association for the Multidisciplinary Health Centre of Garges) alerted the Mayor in 2008 to the significant fall in the number of practitioners working in the Garges region. “In 2011, the Mayor presented me with this project for a health centre. From the start, the Gargeois people were at the heart of our thinking. Today, it is time to finalise the recruitment of practitioners and the financial arrangements. We will have general practitioners, nurses, physiotherapists, a chiropodist…” All parties were able to make their expectations heard for the logistics of the move into the centre: making sure the site is secure, extending opening hours (beyond those of the shopping centre) and pooling resources.

Furthermore, this health care project has succeeded in attracting a fair number of ‘Gargeois’ doctors.

A bright and comfortable place

As soon as the asbestos had been removed, the façade was knocked down to enable the windows to be installed and the interior patios to be installed, which create natural light wells. How attractive and pleasant they make the place! The building has also been thought out in terms of its ecological and economic footprint: the materials are in accordance with the sustainable and thermic development regulations in order to make the building comfortable to be in all year round, without increasing the bills.