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Brescia is a city in the region of Lombardy in northern Italy. It is situated at the foot of the Alps, between the Mella and the Naviglio. It is the second largest city in Lombardy, after the capital, Milan. Brescia is known as the “Lioness of Italy” (Leonessa d’Italia) after ten days of popular uprising that took place in the city in the spring of 1849 against Austrian rule.
The city is the administrative capital of the Province of Brescia, one of the largest in Italy, with about 1,200,000 inhabitants. The city is at the centre of the third-largest Italian industrial area, concentrating on mechanical and automotive engineering and machine tools, as well as the Beretta arms firm. Its companies are typically small or medium-sized enterprises, often with family management.

Population: 200.000 inhabitants

Location: Italy

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