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  • 09 February – web conference:
    Making organised crime unfit for purpose: what can local authorities do?
  • 11 February – web conference:
    Multilevel governance for the coproduction of urban security
  • 24 February – web conference:
    Dealing with conflicts in our cities – how to prevent or mitigate polarisation?
  • 10 March – web conference:
    From neighbourhoods to policymakers: how do audits contribute to evidence-based security policy?
  • 16 March – web conference:
    Combatting organised crime and promoting social cohesion: confiscation of assets in Italy
  • 20 April – web conference:
    Organised crime in ports of European cities: how do public private partnerships work?
  • 5 May – web conference:
    Local Crime Prevention Councils: a pillar of urban security governance
  • 11 May – web conference:
    Combatting modern slavery and trafficking in human beings: an ongoing struggle
  • 9 June – web conference:
    Empowering city dwellers to make cities safer: how to use digital tools?
  • 15 June – web conference:
    Organised crime and urban violence: European and American perspectives
  • 29 September – web conference:
    Social interventions to prevent crime and support its victims

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