Recruitment of a consultant to perform an audit in the field of security and tourism – Barcelona

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Published 30th Jan 2014

In the framework of the European project “Security and Tourism”, the city of Barcelona announces the need to hire a consultant to perform an audit in the field of security and tourism in the city, within a period of a maximum of ten months.

The audit will focus on the security needs in a broad sense of tourists visiting the city, as well as on the resources available to public and private services. The aim is to develop a system of information and coordination between the different public and private operators and services offered in the city such as the police, health services, transport, cultural offer, sports, information, consular services, etc., to meet the needs of visitors.

The goal is to create a system of information management that allows the relevant services to improve their decision making process in order to better cater to visitors, depending on their expected number at any given time and on their characteristics such as their country of origin, language, age group, reasons for the visit and interests, mobility patterns, preferences, and activities.

Deadline for proposals: February 25, 2014

Please submit your application to:

Candidates must be able to conduct interviews of public and private operators both in Catalan and in Spanish.