Working Group Urban Safety and Cultural Diversity, Liège 2004-06

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Title: Urban Safety and Cultural Diversity – Sécurité Urbaine et Diversité Culturelle SUDC
Role of Efus: Practical advisor, production of practical forms of information
Partners: Liege (Belgium, pilot city), Roubaix (France), Lyon (France), Genoa (Italy) and Luton (United Kingdom). Several networks will also participate, such as the Culture network, run by the Urban Community of Lille.
Contents: This group’s objective is to study the stigmatisation of minorities as regards crime on the one hand and, on the other hand, the answers given in terms of adaptation of local policies for cultural diversity, in order to formulate recommendations to European cities and from the Union.

Duration: End of 2004–February 2006
Activities: In 2005, the group met in Liege on 21-22 March, 26-27 May and 13-14 October. Between October 2005 and February 2006, Efus met the different thematic networks in order to identify the relevant practices as regards the workgroup goals.
On 7 and 8 October, Efus took part in an Urbact thematic seminar on cities and immigrants, organised in Palermo (Italy). The seminar gathered together all the networks and workgroups who are concerned directly or indirectly by the questions of cultural diversity, of migrants’ integration…
In 2006, the expert group finalised its exchange through the production of a recommendations report (glossary, practices …).
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