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Security Partnerships: report on the seminar held in Paris on 2 and 3 March 2001

This first work seminar of the Secucities Partnerships programme gave the opportunity, during the presentation of each of the partners, to define the study’s framework and priorities as well as an appropriate work methodology.  The contents of the exchanges were … More

French police and young offenders and victims, 2004

Gendarmerie National Headquarters 6 April 2004 Subject: youth and crime – the National Gendarmerie’s preventive action The gendarmerie is a specific force set up to ensure public safety, to maintain order and to enforce the law. These are its main … More

A good book for all on crime prevention partnership, 2003

    “ ..Local-level crime prevention policy…..is premised on direct local accountability. It is based on the assumption that elected official oversee government functions to ensure that           these respond to and meet the needs of the electorate. Despite the political … More

Discussion Paper on Migration and Crime Prevention, Efus 2003

The Migration Immigration theme in local crime prevention strategies [1] NB: this presentation was made for Efus’ general assembly, Lisbon, 4 July 2003 The link between the issues of immigration and security does not lend itself to dispassionate discussion, given … More

Dancing Nights / Waremmes, Belgium 2001

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