Innovative Strategies for the Prevention of Reoffending

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Re-offending represents a large part of crime statistics in Europe.  Studies show that a small number of people commit three quarters of all crimes in certain categories. Politicians are therefore trying to find prevention policies which will allow them to better target this group of people, to monitor them and to prevent them from re-offending.  This prevention policy needs more staff working at it, and more imagination in developing training courses which will help those in question find a job and integrate into society.  It is within this aspect that the project “Innovative strategies to prevent re-offending” operated.  It tries to emphasise the impact that the prevention polices may have on the strengthening of social cohesion within communities, with the common point being the focus on people and their relationship with society.

Project coordinator : European Forum for Urban Safety (EFUS)

Partners :

  • City of Valencia (Spain)
  • City of Göttingen (Germany)
  • City of Le Havre (France)
  • S.R.F. – Turin (Italy)
  • City of Opava (Czech Republic)
  • City of Brasov  (Romania)

Download the final report of this project here on Efus Network