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Representing over 430 members and organisations in both the statutory and voluntary sectors, the National Community Safety Network (NCSN) is a practitioner-led organisation supporting those involved in promoting community safety/crime reduction throughout the United Kingdom.

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NCSN Annual Conference, Leeds June 2009

EFUS was present at the NCSN 14th annual conference which took place in Leeds, June 9th and 10th 2009. The objective, continued from 2008, was to “Share good practice to make a difference through debating and networking”. The conference was held around the prestigious Royal Armouries Museum.
The event provided a large range of plenary presentations (4 sessions including a presentation of EFUS by Elizabeth Johnston, Deputy Director) and various other sessions: workshops, break out sessions, master-classes and seminars (about 30 different choices!).
Summary : “Using the European level to make a difference locally”
Whilst they may not always have statutory responsibilities to fully ensure citizens’ safety, local authorities have to respond daily to a wide range of concerns of citizens, from fear of crime and anti-social behaviours to extreme situations of trafficking in human beings, in drugs or dealing with the aftermath of terrorist attacks.
Locally elected officials and community safety coordinators therefore require constantly renewed means to analyse and apprehend their political and social responsibilities.
Based on the belief that knowledge is created through exchange and confrontation of ideas, the network of the European Forum for Urban Safety has, for the last twenty years, been running thematic programmes aimed at promoting co-operation among cities to share know-how, develop opportunities and challenge existing practices.
The presentation outlined achievements, benefits and potential of these programmes to support the quest for new methods of delivering community safety.
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NCSN Annual Conference, Liverpool June 2008

 The  National Community Safety Network, a practitioners’ association in the United Kingdom, hosts its annual conference on safer communities on June 4-5, 2008 in Liverpool.
Tackling the motto “Sharing good practice to make a difference”, this conference aims to:
– bring together representatives from community safety, police, fire and other related organisations to participate in critical debate
– promote and develop community safety knowledge that is practitioner-led
– enable idea generation and problem-solving discussion between delegates
– contribute to evidence-informed policy and practice that will be passed onto government
NCSN invites its members to submit presentations and workshops concerning examples of good practice or new research.

NCSN Convention for Safer Communities, Portsmouth 2006

The National Community Safety Network brought together several hundred experts and practitioners for a large convention on community safety issues for its biggest ever event.
This multi-agency conference entitled “Convention for Safer Communities” was held in Portsmouth on June 13-15th 2006.
Main themes and workshops focused on neighbourhood policing, urban design and development, domestic violence, anti-social behaviour, youth, CCTV and other subjects under current debate.

EFUS actively participated in this  event and gave a KEYNOTE SPEECH on European cooperation, focusing on the advantages for local municipalities in cooperating across Europe and to look at what’s going on elsewhere. Information programmes of the ZARAGOZA CONFERENCE and details on EFUS’ projects were available at an information stand. 
The cooperation with the NCSN has also been reinforced by a regular column in their monthly newsletter “Network News”, providing info on EFUS’ activities to British urban safety professionals.
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Guest Speakers at the NCSN 2006 Convention:
From left to right: Robert Greaves (NCSN Director), David Truscott (Home Office), Ian Lawrence (NCSN Chief Executive), David Smith (NW GO Regional Crime Director), Sven Engel (EFUS), Roger King (GO London Regional Crime Director). Photo: Lev Wood