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Website of NCSN  : National Community Safety Network
Representing over 430 members and organisations in both the statutory and voluntary sectors, the National Community Safety Network (NCSN) is a practitioner-led organisation supporting those involved in promoting community safety/crime reduction throughout the United Kingdom.
NCSN is an associated member of EFUS since January 2010

Community Safety section of the LGA (Local Government Association) website
These pages present the LGA’s work on Community Safety. “The LGA promotes the health and safety of local communities and supports councils in achieving improvements in community safety.” Latest news and analysis, document store on various themes are available. 

Community Safety section of the I&DeA (Improvment and Development Agency) website
Part of the Local Government Association group, I&DeA supports improvement and innovation in local government, focusing on the issues that are important to councils and using tried and tested ways of working. They work with councils in developing good practice, supporting them in their partnerships. They do this through networks, online communities of practice and web resources, and through the support and challenge provided by councillor and officer peers. They also help develop councillors in key positions through our leadership programmes.
I&DeA’s website on Community Safety holds a large amount of up-to-date information and allows for exchange of practice on varied issues.

NACRO : National Association for the Care and Ressetlment of Offenders
Nacro, the crime reduction charity, is dedicated to making society safer. It has unrivalled expertise in developing effective solutions to crime and stimulating fresh thinking. Combining practical services to individuals, communities and organisations with pioneering campaigns, Nacro lobbies for better ways to reduce crime, while demonstrating how this may be done in practice.

Community Safety, the National Picture
These web-pages offer information about the contribution that the Governement Offices for the English Regions give to the Government’s aim for Community Safety.

Home Office Research Development and Statistics (RDS) Website
This website includes a range of research and statistics relating to crime, immigration, drugs and other areas of Home Office responsability.

Home Office Crime Reduction Website
This website was launched in July 2000 by the Home Secretary in response to a need for a web-based interactive resource where practitioners, policy-makers and others can find guidance on good practice to which they can add new ideas and identify local solutions.
It offers News updates, an “Effective practice” database, possibilities for e-learning, different links to publications, and interesting thematical “mini-sites” :
Anti-knife crime; Arson ; Burglary ; Business Crime ; CCTV; Criminal Damage; Delivering PSA1; Distraction Burglary ; Domestic Violence ; Etailing ; Fraud  ; Information Sharing; Neighbourhood Watch; Organised Crime; Partnerships ; Prolific and Other Priority Offenders Strategy (PPO); Robbery; Sexual Offences ; Small Retailers in Deprived Areas ; Street Crime ; Statistics ; Student Victimisation; Tackling Violent Crime Programme; Trading Standards; Vehicle Crime

 The Guardian’s Crime and Punishment resource Website

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