Planning Urban Design and Management for Crime Prevention

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With the co-financing of the European Commission, the Emilia Romagna Region (department on urban safety and department of urban planning), the Île de France Region (department on urban safety and planning) and the University Politecnico de Milan (laboratory of urban quality and safety) a new publication has been produced: the handbook Planning, Urban Design, and Management for Crime Prevention.

Present-day societies formulate a clear demand for safety in cities and urban space. Answers to such a demand must include not only the use of police forces, but also, and primarily, well-articulated public policies and preventive intervention.

We know by now with certainty that the organisation and management of urban spaces affects their safety level; it may help make them less dangerous. It is therefore essential to turn safety into one of the goals of urban planning. To facilitate this goal, it is necessary to sensitize urban planner and public decision-makers, and provide them with adequate technical tools.

For that purpose, the European Commission has financed the preparation of a handbook will aimed at introducing safety criteria on urban planning. The handbook will serve to apply the new European Norms on Urban safety recently approved by the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN).

The Italian Forum has the pleasure to invite you to participate to the conference in Bologna and discover the handbook (available in English, French, Italian and Spanish).

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