Dinner debate: the role of civil society for the promotion of fundamental rights, Budapest 3 decembre 2009

The Forum’s lunch and dinner debates on freedom, security and justice

«The promotion of safety and fundamental rights
 through civil society»

3 December 2009, 18h30
Déry – Jókai room
Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal, Budapest



In the human rights framework it doesn’t make sense to be for one fundamental right and against the other, for security and against liberty. Liberty and security need to go hand in hand. Since its creation the European Forum works for both. However, this reconciliation is usually not automatically achieved. Finding a good equilibrium is a challenge for many policy fields.

For the cities represented in the European Forum, civil society organisations play an important role for prevention of crime and the protection of liberties and are therefore important partner for a inclusive crime prevention policies. The Budapest dinner debate wants to bring together NGOs, researchers and representatives of the member cities of the European Forum to discuss the role NGO’s can play in the promotion of safety and fundamental rights and to learn about their activities.

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