10th Anniversary of the Czech Crime Prevention Policy

An all-too rare but precious occurrence: a National authority chooses to reflect upon its crime prevention policy in an international and national context. On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of establishing a crime prevention system in the Czech Republic, the Crime Prevention Department of the Czech Ministry of Interior organized a conference to exchange ideas on further development of crime prevention in national and international context. The conference, which was inaugurated by the Ministry of Interior and the President of the Police, was organized around five main themes, reflecting the key priorities of the Czech strategy:

  • National Systems of Crime Prevention
  • Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency
  • Community Based Crime Prevention, Role of Municipalities
  • Situational Crime Prevention, preventive use of   CCTV
  • Crime Prevention Research, Evaluation of Crime Prevention and Crime Audit

The Forum gave a presentation on European cooperation in the field of local crime prevention and learned a great deal both about Czech experiences and from other international guests. Proceedings from the conference, which will be published both in Czech and English, promise to be of great interest.