Conference “Crossed perspectives on prevention”, 11-13 June in Brussels

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logo_bravvo2Brussels, April 2014 – The non-profit organisation BRAVVO, which manages the prevention policy of the city of Brussels, celebrates this year its tenth anniversary, a year after Belgium celebrated 20 years of local prevention policies. In order to commemorate jointly these two anniversaries and to take stock of the Belgian achievements and expertise in prevention, BRAVVO is organising in partnership with the Belgian Forum (FBPSU) a conference titled “Crossed perspectives on prevention”, which will be held on 11-13 June in Brussels.

The conference will gather prevention professionals from Belgium and other countries, as well as partner institutions and associations and political decision-makers. The objective, according to BRAVVO, is to “promote participatory brainstorming on the contributions, the progress being made and the challenges of prevention, to share experiences and to encourage debate on the future of the sector”.

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