EUCPN: follow up crime prevention policies – experts meeting, April 2006

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Within the framework of EUCPN Work Programme, the working party on “Monitoring crime prevention policies” project – led by the Czech Republic (Ministry of the Interior, Crime Prevention Department) – was convened to Prague on 27th and 28th April 2006. Working group consisted of Substitute Representatives of Sweden, Finland, the United Kingdom, Hungary and Luxembourg and observer and delegates of HEUNI (The European Institute for Crime Prevention and Control) and EFUS.

Primal purpose of this meeting was to discuss the form and content of the self-description framework (operatively called by an acronym SEDEF) with a view to understand better crime prevention approaches and strategies crosswise EU Member States. Delegates discussed the structure prepared by the Czech Republic, they also considered for the inspiration the “Questionnaire on UN Standards and Norms primarily related to the Prevention of Crime”, prepared by HEUNI.