Solidify : Call for Experts !

The European project “Solidify – Supervised Drug Consumption Facilities to Instill Harm Reduction and Social Cohesion at Local Level” , led by the European Forum for Urban Security (Efus), aims to support cities in the deployment of a harm reduction policy. It … More

Protecting public spaces : Efus at the EU conference of mayors on “building urban defences against terrorism”

Brussels, Belgium, March 2018 — How to better protect European cities’ public spaces from terrorist threats? This was the central question of the “EU mayors’ conference – Building urban defences against terrorism” organised by the European Commission and the Committee … More

A group of Efus cities meet in Salzburg to exchange on the prevention of radicalisation at the local level as part of the PRACTICIES project

Salzburg, Austria, March 2018 — In the framework of the PRACTICIES project (Partnership Against Violent Radicalisation in Cities), representatives of a group of cities composed of Efus members and further municipalities met with project officials and experts in Salzburg, Austria, … More

How to prevent radicalisation in prison and probation ? Efus and other European stakeholders exchange at an EU conference

Brussels, Belgium, March 2018 — As coordinator of the PREPARE European project on the prevention of radicalisation in prison and probation, Efus took part in a conference on this theme organised by the European Commission together with the European Organisation … More

Joint interview of two women responsible for prevention and security : a European example

What is your background ? Katty Firquet, provincial MP and Vice President of the Provincial College of the province of Liege, Belgium : Trained as a journalist, I notably worked for 10 years in an important insurance company in Liege … More