Bulgarian presidency of the EU: what implications for security issues?

Paris, January 2018 – On 1 January 2018, Bulgaria succeeded Estonia as the country holding the rotating presidency of the European Union for a semester, until 30 June 2018. Bulgaria pledges to respond to “the needs of Europe and European … More

Local voices – Local communication strategies to prevent extremism

As numerous studies have demonstrated, the Internet and social media provide a very effective platform for disseminating extremist ideologies. In order to proactively respond to these extremist contents, communication strategies must be developed. Sharing positive messages, denying false information or … More

Project Solidify – Supervised Drug Consumption Facilities to Instill Harm Reduction and Social Cohesion at Local Levels

Context The project will focus on the implementation and sustainability of the Drug Consumption Rooms in several European cities and assess their impacts on the territory. These measures pursue objectives of both public health and safety, public tranquility and social cohesion. … More

“Security, Democracy and Cities” conference: European cities present their commitments for urban security

Barcelona, Spain, November 2017 – Efus, the city of Barcelona and the Government of Catalonia hosted the sixth international “Security, Democracy and Cities” conference dedicated to the co-production of security policies, which gathered some 800 attendees from 47 countries and … More

Everyday security: a MEDI@4SEC workshop on the use of social media to strengthen public security

“This workshop has motivated me to work further on the use of social media for public security.” – Workshop participant Barcelona, Spain, November 2017 – The recent massive increase in the use of social media has drastically transformed people’s communication and information habits, … More