Who we are

European Forum for Urban Security (Efus)

Founded in 1987 under the auspices of the Council of Europe, the European Forum for Urban Security (Efus) is the only European network of local and regional authorities dedicated to urban security. It includes nearly 250 local and regional authorities from 16 countries.


  • Promote a balanced vision of urban security, combining prevention, sanctions and social cohesion,
  • Support local and regional authorities in the conception, implementation and evaluation of their local security policy,
  • Help local elected officials get recognition for their role in the development and implementation of national and European policies.

Activities & Services

Efus provides support and inspiration for locally elected officials and their teams who are convinced of the necessity of working together, transcending political differences, for the benefit of long-term security. In accordance with the principle of ‘cities helping cities’ Efus fosters the exchange of experience between authorities.

We work on all major issues relating to urban safety and security.

  • Opportunity to network with more than 250 European local authorities and access to a pool of international partners and experts
  • Implementation and supervision of European cooperation projects and work groups
  • Support to local policies
  • Information and technical assistance regarding European subsidies
  • Training
  • Study visits and trips
  • Invitation to conferences and seminars
  • Access to all of Efus’s resources: publications, practice sheets and to Efus Network, the collaborative platform for the exchange of experience and information in the area of urban security, reserved for Efus’ members. (More info)


The founding values and principles of Efus’ members are gathered together in the ‘Cities’ Manifesto: Security, Democracy and Cities’. By means of the Manifesto, local officials affirm that choosing prevention ‘is a rational, strategic and cost-efficient option’ and is an intelligent application of criminal law. Prevention must be favoured in order to ‘to guarantee that the security of future generations, indispensable to the quality of life in cities, is a basic right for all’.  They also ask for the adoption of citizen participation as an interdisciplinary principle of security policies.  They call for full participation from the youth who are ‘too often stigmatised and victims of violence’, as well as for the ‘promotion of women’s rights and sexual equality’.

Watch this video to learn more about who we are and how we work

Members & partners

250 local, regional, and national authorities, NGOs involved in crime prevention, and universities  (see list here). See Join the network


A general assembly of all the members meets once a year. The Executive Committee consists of 33 local authorities, an elected President and 6 national Forums in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium and Portugal.


A multilingual technical team based in Paris manages and coordinates the association’s activities.

International influence

  • Participatory status with the Council of Europe
  • Consultative status with the European Commission 
  • Member of the Civil Society Forum on Drugs and the European Migration Forum
  • Memorandum of Understanding with the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe
  • Memorandum of Understanding with UN-Habitat
  • Regional Vice-President of the Global Network on Safer Cities (GNSC)
  • Co-founder and Secretary of the International Centre for Crime Prevention (ICPC)
  • Civil society organisation recognised by the Organization of American States
  • Executive director is a member of the Advisory Board of the Global Parliament of Mayors
  • Regional partner for Europe of Strong Cities Network
  • Scroll of Honour UN-HABITAT, 1998

Location: 10, rue des Montiboeufs, 75020 Paris – France (see here)

Video from our 2012 International conference

To find out more about Efus:

Read our deontological guidelines

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Logo Label Ideas

Efus was awarded the IDEAS Label for the second time in 2019. This Label certifies the implementation of good practices in terms of governance, financial management and monitoring the effectiveness of the action. This is a guarantee of seriousness and trust for funders and donors, for more information, visit their website.