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Elizabeth JOHNSTONExecutive Director
Elizabeth Johnston is responsible for the strategy and development of Efus, in liaison with the Executive Committee, as well as overall  management. She is also Executive Director of the French Forum for Urban Security since February 2016. In addition, she is Secretary of the International Centre for the Prevention of Crime, a member of the Advisory Board of the Global Parliament of Mayors and an official associate of the University of Liege (Belgium). Prior to this, and after beginning her career at a French local authority, Elizabeth Johnston served as Programme Director at the French-American Foundation, and as Violence Prevention Expert at the World Bank, in Washington. She holds degrees in Law from Assas University (France), in Political Science from Yale University (United-States) and in Public Policy from Marne-La-Vallée University (France).

Suzanne DAURATExecutive Assistant
Suzanne Daurat joined Efus as Executive Assistant in February 2017. Holding two masters, in Translation and Bilingual Interpretation (Westminster University, London) and in Film Studies (King’s College, London), as well as a degree in Art History and Film History (Sorbonne, Paris), Suzanne worked in London for a translation agency and an e-commerce startup prior to joining Efus.

Carla NAPOLANODeputy Director of EU Programmes and Network Life
Holding a degree in Urban and Spatial Planning from the University of Venice, Carla Napolano is in charge, among others, of the European projects “Audits” (methodological tools for the definition of local security policies). She is also in charge of Efus relations with a number of countries such as Italy, Luxembourg, Romania, and Spain. Over the past few years, Carla led the European projects “GOAL” (prevention of violence in sport), “Innovative Strategies in the Prevention of Reoffending”, and “Democracy, Cities and Drugs”.

Juan CRISTELLYSProgramme Manager
In particular, Juan Cristellys works on the themes of radicalisation, notably through the LIAISE project, and video surveillance technologies. Prior to joining Efus, he obtained a Masters in Urban Affairs (Governing the Large Metropolis) at the Paris Institute of Political Science (Sciences Po), for which he researched the theme of prevention and security in urban environments.

Pilar DE LA TORRE Programme Manager
She works on the citizen security project of the EUROSocial programme, as well as on other European projects. Pilar holds a Masters degree in Population and Development Expertise from the Paris Descartes University. She also coursed one Masters year in Latin American Studies at the University of Sorbonne-Nouvelle III (Paris), as part of their Political Sciences course, and holds a degree in Economy from the Externado University of Bogotá (Colombia). 

Myassa DJEBARAProgramme Manager
Holding a degree in Law from the University of Paris-Panthéon-Sorbonne and a Masters in Public Affairs from the Paris Institute of Political studies (Sciences Po), Myassa Djebara joined the Forum in March 2017 as Programme Manager. Prior to that, she worked at the French Senate and contributed to setting up an association focused on urban cultures, ‘Noise, la ville’ (noise, the city), in 2011.  

Joana JUDICEEuropean Projects Officer
Holding a degree in International Relations from the Social and Political Sciences Institute of the University of Lisbon, as well as a degree from the Robert Schuman University of Strasbourg, and from the Centre for Diplomatic and Strategic Studies of Paris, Joana Judice is in charge of the projects that are co-financed by the European Union. She supervises the development of these projects and liaises with European institutions. 

Moritz KONRADIProgramme Manager
A graduate in political science from the Free University of Berlin (Freie Universität Berlin) and currently completing an MA programme in Criminology and Police Science at the University of the Ruhr in Bochum (Ruhr Universität Bochum), Moritz Konradi is notably in charge of relations with the German, Austrian and Polish members of Efus. He also follows developments on the topic of discrimination and bias-motivated violence and is part of the coordinating team of the Just and Safer Cities for All (JUST) project. Prior to joining Efus in November 2016, Moritz was programme manager at a Berlin-based NGO specialised in victim support and crime prevention, in particular hate crime against LGBT people. He was also assistant lecturer on hate crime at the Berlin police school.

Emilie PETITProgramme Manager
Holding a degree in political science with two majors in sociology of crime and in local security policies, Émilie Petit joined the French Forum for Urban Security (FFSU) in 2012 and has been working also for Efus since 2015. She follows both at a European and French level the topics of the prevention of violent radicalisation, in particular through the coordination of the European LIAISE 2 project, and of reoffending. In addition, she contributes with the FFSU to supporting French cities in the design and implementation of their local security policies.

Yves VAN DE VLOETAssociate Expert
Yves Van de Vloet is associate expert to the European Forum for Urban Security. Specialised in border security, he notably works on the ALARM project, which seeks to develop transborder operational cooperation between civil security stakeholders in France and Belgium on a wide spectrum of risks. He was previously Deputy Chief of Staff of the Governor of the Hainaut province and of the President-Minister of the Brussels-Capital-Ixelles Region, and Director of the Department for Crime Prevention at the Belgian Ministry of the Interior. He also has been a teacher at the University of Liege and various police schools and training academies.

Elsa FONTANILLECommunications Manager
Elsa Fontanille is responsible for developing and implementing the communication strategy of Efus. She also supervises the communication of some of the projects led by Efus. She holds a Masters Degree in Corporate and Institutional Communications and a Degree in Literature and Linguistics, both from the Sorbonne University. She also studied in Milan, in Italy.

Mathieu ROUYERAdministrative and Financial Manager
Mathieu Rouyer joined the Forum in July 2015 as Accounting and Financial Manager. Holding a Masters degree in International Business and Development from the Ecole supérieure de Commerce (business school) of Bordeaux, he also coursed a degree on Corporate Responsibility and International Cooperation. Mathieu has studied in Mexico and worked in India, Nicaragua and Peru. Prior to joining the Forum, he was during four years Accounting and Financial Manager for a group of French companies operating in the alternative mobility sector.

Eric LOUSTAUNEAUAccounting Assistant
Eric Loustauneau is Accounting Assistant at Efus since 1998. He holds a
technical baccalauréat.

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