Sarah Misslin

Deputy Mayor, City of Ivry-sur-Seine, Vice-President of FFSU (France)

Deputy Mayor in charge of public space cleanliness, crime prevention, public tranquillity and security since July 2020. As a grassroots official, permanent dialogues with the population are key to develop collective projects. Being right in the action, the relationship with all inhabitants is sometimes complex, but always rich, and reminds us of the importance of having a collaborative society.



Do you have any specific hopes or predictions for the future of urban security? (What will urban security look like in 30 years? What will be the main opportunities and risks?)

We cannot have a notable evolution of public peace if there are not movements in wider society. Permanent inequalities create anger and a coercive system alone cannot fix this. A society which works on prevention and mediation with people at the heart of it needs to be built.



Why do you think it is so important to involve citizens in urban security practice?

Verticality can no longer be put into practice, people know their own needs best, taking into account all opinions to construct public policies which are effective and followed by the majority of people. The need to feel like a stakeholder is striking, we should know how to use this energy.