Paul van Soomeren

Founder, DSP-Groep (Netherlands), Chair, Working Group on Crime Prevention and Stakeholder Collaboration, European Committee for Standardisation (CEN)

Paul van Soomeren (1952) is founder of the Amsterdam based research and consultancy bureau DSP ( and still working there as a researcher and consultant. Before he started – with Bram van Dijk – this bureau he worked for several years at the national Bureau of Crime Prevention in the Netherlands. Paul is a worldwide expert in Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) and Security by Design (SbD). At the moment, Paul is working on international standardization (CEN/ISO and ICA of CPTED. He’s also working as an EC expert on a book on SbD, as well as participating in the Efus-led project Secu4All and in the EU project Paul is educated (University of Amsterdam) as a social/regional geographer as well as urban planner/demographer.